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ELISCAFFE / NIK OROSI  - our path...(coffee & music)

Opening Eliscaffe  07/09/2005
Croatian Barista Champion 2006, Zagreb
Most forward-looking caffe in Croatia 2007 – Financial Times
Croatian Barista Champion 2007, Zagreb
SCAE nominee for Coffee Excellence 2007, Antwerpen Belgium
Croatian Barista Champion 2008, Opatija
World Baristas Choice Award 2008, Copenhagen Denmark
Best coffee in Zagreb 2009 – New York Times

Opening of Specialty Coffee Roastery in Croatia 2009, Zagreb
Best caffe bar in Zagreb 2010 – PravaKava portal
Best espresso award, ELISCAFFE blend – 2010 Gevgelia Macedonia
Release of a NO LOGO/JUST TASTE book by Nik Orosi 2011/annual design award nominee
Croatian Barista Championship 2012, Opatija, second place

Best coffee in Zagreb - Book "36 hours, 125 weeks in Europe" - The New York Times & TASCHEN - 2012
Croatian Barista Champion 2013, Zagreb 

Book "Where to drink coffee" by Liz Clayton and published by PHAIDON - list of BEST 600 coffee places in the world 2017

Nominated among 11 people as; Most positive/innovative people of Croatia 2017 -

Release of first album UNDERLINE on vinyl for M.I.N.E. Records 2019

UNDERLINE - Best Electronic music album nominee - Ambasador Electronic Music Award 2019

Release of compilation ALENOVO on vinyl by AQUARIUS Records 2020 with included my song "I'll give you my love" 

Release of second and double album INTROSPECTIVE on vinyl for M.I.N.E. Records 2020

Best Ambiental Album Of The Year 2020 - INTROSPECTIVE- Ambasador Electronic Music Award 2021

Potpisivanje ugovora o suradnji sa tvrtkom Barcaffe - Zagreb 2021

Početak rada na YAMMAT.FM i glazbena emisija ELECTRIC CAFFE - Zagreb 2022

Coffee as an Art form - National Geographic -2022

Hvala / Thank you 

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